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A person should call 911 only during an emergency in progress. 

When someone’s life or property are in immediate danger.  

You are our eyes and ears for the situation. If there are any changes to what is happening we will need updates from you so we can share this with the responders. If it is a medical emergency we may give you some instructions on how to help the victim.  Staying on the phone does not delay the response of police, fire or EMS.  

Stay calm and do not hang up. Stay on the line until a dispatcher answers and explain what is going on. It is our policy to send an officer to verify there is no emergency. If you do hang up we will call you back. If a call back is not answered we will also send a text message.  

Text to 911 is currently available in McDonough and Schuyler counties. A voice call is always preferred over a text conversation. If text to 911 is not available in your error you will receive a message telling you to place a voice call. Do not text and drive.  

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